Cedar was a no nonsense husky with bright blue eyes and a mischievous streak. What it was time for her to pass, home euthanasia was the only choice. Peaceful Pet Passings was just that. Dr. Dave listened, was practical and professional as well as compassionate. This is a great service for our community.


"At age 11.5 lulu was diagnosed with mouth cancer...we decided to treat her with 90 ml of CBD soft gels & we were able to extend her life by 13 months...no chemo or radiation...Dr Dave helped us tremendously by coming to our home & taking away Lulus pain..,We loved her to death & beyond, thanks Dr Dave." -Terry


Otis lived downtown Chicago until he was 10 y/o and his favorite thing was the Pug Meetup group of 832 pugs! He was in the Pug Pride Parades, Pugs Against Hunger Marches, Pug a de Mayo parades and many Pug Crawls. When he was 7 we decided to move to the mountains and get out of the city. He lived out his life being a hospice dog after his pug brother died in 2013 and blessed many patients. Otis lived to 17 in good health. I found him unable to get stand up and Dr. Dave was at our house in 30 minutes. What a wonderful peaceful way he fell asleep on his spot (on the sofa!) and he had not a single pain during his passing. Otis has many people that loved him.


"Millie was born with a deformed heart valve, diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure shortly after we adopted her when she was about 22 months old. She was the most loving and energetic pup ever, even with a swollen heart! After almost 11 months on a drug treatment plan, she unfortunately lost her battle with the horrible heart disease. Peaceful Pet Passings helped our family in sending Millie to a happier and peaceful place to rest." - Wendy

Polly and Paris

Got them both at 6 weeks and they left us together as sisters (no relation) last week. Paris got her name from Paris Hilton when we sprang her from the pound, same day as Hilton got out of jail. Polly wolly doodle loved the farm life and her walk a bouts at night. Grateful for their passing at home together.