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Learn about our in-home pet euthanasia services in the immediate Missoula, MT area

Your dog or cat isn't just a pet. They are a part of your family. It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. If it's your pet's time, call Peaceful Pet Passings. We offer in-home pet euthanasia services in the immediate Missoula, MT area. This allows you and your furry friend to spend as much time together as possible.

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We'll help you feel at peace with your decision

Peaceful Pet Passings offers in-home services in the Missoula area. Putting a pet to sleep is a difficult thing to do. We wish no owner had to go through this heartbreaking process. When the need arises, you can rely on us to:

  • Treat you and your family with respect during this emotional situation
  • Speak openly with you and your family about the procedure
  • Do all we can to help your pet pass peacefully
  • All people who will be present at your pet's euthanasia must be fully vaccinated against COVID 19, provided they are old enough.

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Things to Consider Ahead of Time:

- Create a quiet, comfortable place for your pet during the procedure. Would a
special location be appropriate: in the yard, a special place in the house, on
the floor, couch, bed?

- If your pet is still eating, set aside some extra-tasty food like lunchmeat (or
even milk/tuna for cats) for hand-feeding during sedation. There are no food
restrictions before or during the home visit.

- Consider lighting candles, playing relaxing music, laying out blankets and
pillows, reading a poem or prayer.

- Who wants to be there? Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers? College
student Face-time in?

- Is there a special toy or blanket or drawing or letter or photo or flowers that
can be sent with to be included in the cremation?

- Think about the care of your pet's body: Cremation or home burial? Would you
like your pet's ashes back?

- Do you want a fur clipping or collar to remember your pet by?